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Below is a list of questions that we hope will give you the proper assessment of you and your future real estate investment, so you can build personal wealth not expend it. Many people invest in real estate but too many do not profit from it or not as much as they can if they had the right strategies and understanding of what can be adapted for changes (personal, economic and others). Please answer these questions as best you can and call us when you have at least attempted them. We will discuss your answers and your dreams to see how you can benefit from real estate or not.”

  1. How Much Of Your Resources Do You Want Risk?
  2. When Are You Able To Invest?
  3. How Much Money & Other Assets?
  4. What Type of Assets?
  5. Other Valuables To Convert Into Cash?
  6. How Much Do You Expect To Gain?
  7. How Much Can You Lose before Income Taxes?
  8. Any Deferred Taxes or other Liabilities (partnership agreements, alimony, pre paid income or promises made but yet to be fulfilled, if paid up- written release)
  9. How Long Do You Want Your Resources Tied Up For (provide the number of months and years)?
  10. Do You Have All Decision Makers In Agreement?
  11. List these People or Entities (including financial institutions or partners):
  12. # Name Contact Yes No Maybe
  13. Where are your investments now?
  14.    How much?
    1. Savings
    2. Annuities
    3. Business Income/Partnerships
    4. Other Assets
    5. Education (Past, Present & Future)
    6. Future Investment Options
        or the Ability To Convert
    7. Other, please explain:

    “In studying millionaires and those who merely act rich, I have determined that it is much more productive and insightful to ask people about their actual behaviors habits, and real lifestyles than to ask them about their stated intentions and conjured goals.”

    -Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D. author of Stop Acting Rich..and Start Living Like a Real Millionaire