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Welcome to one of the best foundations a person can construct for themselves. Within these avenues of data and answers to assist you and your advisors in understanding and assessing what is best for each individual needs you have, present, future and for legacy. What can 2018 dynamics apply to you now? Most are Timeless…

We help people build wealth and to have a greater grasp of the many options they have. There are economic cycles both local and global which could affect the decisions you or others you care about make. Get good advice accompanied with fresh data that you understand can be powerful. Anyone can provide data, but the beauty of having information that is relevant to your unique needs will provide peace and confidence and JOY within you and those you invest with and for.


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Keith Endow
Has the Los Angeles Market Peaked?

First, I want to explain that there are many sub Los Angeles real estate markets that make up the whole Los Angeles. Sub-Areas like Venice 90291, Palms 90034, Koreatown 90005, Los Feliz 90027, El Sereno 90032, West Los Angeles 90025 & 90064, Westwood 90024, Bel Air 90077, Westchester 90045 and many more. If you use...


We can't believe how much the lot has appreciated. We are so grateful that you helped us find it and get it!...

It's been a terrific process. You've never been anything less than sharp and sensitive and attentive all the way through. I hope we'll have a chance t......

In working with Keith we found a person who understands that transacting on real estate is not only a Financial decision, but a personal and emotional......